When you need an interpreter

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―This information is for foreigners living in Yokohama City. ―

If you need an interpreter for procedures at the ward office or school interviews, please consult with the YOKOHAMA Foreign Residents Information Center or the nearby International Exchange Lounge.
*The locations where YOKE can dispatch interpreters are fixed.

Yokohama City Interpreter Volunteer Dispatch System


Yokohama City Multicultural Counseling Center or one of the international exchange lounges listed below 
*You can call one of the places listed below.

YOKOHAMA Foreign Residents Information Center045-222-1209
Aoba International Lounge045-989-5266
Kanazawa International Lounge045-786-0531
Konan International Lounge045-848-0990
Kohoku International Lounge045-430-5670
Tsurumi International Lounge045-511-5311
Hodogaya International Lounge045-337-0012
Midori International Lounge045-532-3548
Minami Citizens Activity & Multicultural Lounge045-232-9544

Dates and times when an interpreter can be present

(Principle) Within 2 hours between 8:45 and 17:15 on weekdays


Free (You don't have to pay.)

Contents subject to interpreter dispatch

・Various procedures and consultations at Yokohama City Hall, Ward Office, nursery schools, etc.
・Personal interviews at Yokohama municipal schools, home visits, etc.

Places that can be dispatched

City Hall Bureau
Ward Office *Including Health and Welfare Center
Nursery school, licensed nursery school, Yokohama nursery room, etc.
Yokohama Municipal High School
Yokohama Municipal Special Needs School
child consultation center
Regional Rehabilitation Center
Center for Special Needs Education
Consumer Affairs Center
Yokohama City Elementary School
Yokohama Municipal Junior High School
Yokohama Municipal Compulsory Education School

Languages ​​that can be interpreted

English, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, French, Tagalog, Indonesian, Russian, etc.

YOKE Language Volunteer Referral System (if you need an interpreter elsewhere)

where to apply

YOKOHAMA Foreign Residents Information Center Telephone 045-222-1209

Contents that can be introduced

Contents that cannot be handled by the "Yokohama City Interpreter Volunteer Dispatch System" mainly for interpreting procedures, explanations, consultations, etc. at public institutions and organizations in Yokohama City.

However, the following cases are excluded.
・Political, religious, or commercial content
・Contents related to medical practice
・ Other contents that are not suitable for the purpose of the business

Agencies and people who can request

・(In principle) Foreigners who live, work, or study in Yokohama City *You can also apply on your behalf.
・(In principle) Non-profit groups and organizations in Yokohama City
・Other items deemed necessary by YOKE


・Determined by consultation between the requester and the volunteer.
・About 3,000 yen to 4,000 yen per time is a guideline.. *Transportation fee included.
・Please pay the gratuity directly to the volunteer on the day of the interpretation.

Acceptance of applications

Please apply at least one week before the day you need an interpreter.

Languages ​​that can be interpreted

English, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, French, Tagalog, Indonesian, Russian, etc.

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