To those who have children attending junior high school

Why not take advantage of the junior high school lunch program?

Yokohama City has been offering delivery-type (school lunches are delivered from the place where they are prepared to the schools your children are attending) lunches since April 2021.
The city’s nutritionist designs nutritionally balanced menus with the students’ growth in mind, and a variety of menus that make the most of seasonal ingredients, such as seasonal event meals and local dishes from various regions, are offered.
The school lunch fee is 330 yen per meal (includes rice, main and side dishes, soup, and milk).
・You can choose from three types of rice servings: small, medium, or large.
・If you do not want soup and milk, you do not have to order them (the price will be lower accordingly).

Orders can be placed through the website or through a smartphone app.
For more information, please check the website(Japanese). You can also check the school lunch menu.

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Inquiries:Board of Education Secretariat, Health Education and Shokuiku Division
Tel: 045-671-4136 or 045-681-1456