Disability Welfare Services of Yokohama City

In Japan, the Services and Supports for Persons with Disabilities Act has been enacted with the aim of realizing a normalized society in which persons with disabilities can live with peace of mind. Based on this law, municipalities are to provide a system that allows people with disabilities to use the services they need, regardless of the type of disability (physical, intellectual, or mental disability). On the City of Yokohama website, you can check “health and welfare services” that people with a disability and their family members living in Yokohama can use.

For more details about disability welfare services, please inquire at your local ward office, Elderly and Disabled Support Division.

* Contact the YOKOHAMA Foreign Residents Information Center if you have difficulties communicating in Japanese at a ward office.

Tel: 045-222-1209 (Available in 11 languages)

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・Support for people with disabilities, etc.

・Receiving disability welfare services





・장애가 있는 분에 대한 지원 등

・장애 복지 서비스를 받기 위해서는

<Spanish> (automatic translation)

・Lista de servicios de bienestar para minusválidos

<Simple Japanese>

障害(しょうがい) が ある 人(ひと) が もらう おかね など

・障害(しょうがい) が ある 人 (ひと)の ため の サービス