Entering Yokohama Municipal Elementary School

Guardians who meet the following conditions will receive an “Entrance Guide” from Yokohama City in early September.

・Foreign nationals whose children are registered as residents of Yokohama City as of August (around the 20th)

・Those whose children are of age to enter elementary school in April 2023

If you wish to send your child to Yokohama Municipal Elementary School, please follow the necessary procedure at your local ward office.

If you are unable to complete the procedure in time or if your child is not registered as a resident, please consult with the Registration Section of the Family Registration Division at your local ward office.

<What you need for the procedure>

・“Entrance Guide” or your child’s Residence Card

・ID such as Special Permanent Residence Card

Upon completion of the procedure, Yokohama City will send the guardians a notice called “Admission to Municipal Elementary School”. It will be sent out around October 15.

* Tuition is free for Yokohama Municipal Elementary Schools. However, you will have to pay for school materials, school lunches, and other items.

* There will be a medical checkup of children before they begin school. Make sure your child takes the medical checkup on the designated date. It will be done at the elementary school where your child will go from April 2023.

<Details of “Admission to Municipal Elementary School” (automatic translation)>



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