Health-Care System for People Aged Seventy-Five and Over

“Koki Koreisha Iryo Seido” is a medical insurance system for people aged seventy-five and over. (People with disabilities might be able to get into this medical insurance system even if they are younger than seventy-five.)
As a general rule, foreigners who will stay in Japan for 3 months and more and have registered as a resident are eligible for enrollment. (those coming for sightseeing or staying with a short-term stay status are not eligible)

<Enrollment Procedures>
・No procedures needed if you are with some kind of medical insurance in Japan before turning 75 years old.
*Each time you have a change in address or resident status, please report this to your local ward office.
・Those who are turning 75 years of age and getting into a medical insurance for the first time, please go to your local ward office for the procedure to follow.

<Medical Insurance Card>
Once enrolled, a medical insurance card will be issued. Please handle the card with care as the card proves your enrollment into Japan’s Health Care System. The medical insurance card lists information such as your address and your name. Please show it every time you visit a medical institution. By showing this card, the money you pay at hospital cashiers will be less.

You CANNOT lend, borrow, sell or buy an insurance card. (In case you use it illegally, you may be sentenced to imprisonment for fraud under the criminal law.)

<Details on Health Care System for People Aged Seventy-Five and Over>
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