Are there any “retaining walls” near your house?

A “retaining wall” is a wall that is built on a slopy lot such as a housing lot to stabilize soil that is at different heights between the two sides of the wall and prevent its collapse.
Yokohama City has many slopes, so there are many retaining walls.
Unstable retaining walls can collapse in the event of a major earthquake or heavy rain.

When heavy rainfall occurs, the ground contains more water, which makes it easier for retaining walls to collapse.
Therefore, please take the following precautions during heavy rain.
・Never approach a dangerous retaining wall or steep slope.
・Evacuate to a safe place (evacuation shelter/relative’s house, etc.)
・Pay attention to information such as landslide warnings and evacuation advisories.
・Do not spend time in a room facing a retaining wall or steep slope.

If you have to stay at home, stay/sleep in a room that is on the second floor and on the opposite side of the retaining wall or steep slope.

Retaining walls must be maintained and repaired by the property owner.
If there is a retaining wall near your house that you are concerned about, please consult with the following.
Housing and Architecture Bureau, Housing Land Development Examination Department, Housing Land Development Examination Division Tel: 045-671-4515