Consultation about nursery schools and kindergartens

If you are considering enrolling your child in a nursery school or kindergarten and have questions, the “Childcare and Education Concierge” is there to help you.

<Key services offered by the Childcare and Education Concierge>

  • Personalized consultation about childcare
    Receive information about childcare services that best fit your needs.
  • Follow-up in case of non-admission
    If your child is not admitted to a nursery school, the Childcare & Education Concierge staff will follow up with you and provide assistance by assessing your situation and that of your child, and introduce you to an available and suitable nursery school for your child.

<Contact Information>
You can check the contact numbers from the following URL.
Please call the Childcare and Education Concierge at your local ward office.

  • If you need an interpreter, please request an interpreter when you call.