Submission of “Child Allowance Status Report” no longer required from FY2022 (April 2022)

In Yokohama City, child allowance recipients were required to submit a “Child Allowance Status Report” every year.

Starting in FY2022, Yokohama City will check the status of recipients as of June 1 of each year using the Basic Resident Registration and other data.

Therefore, as a rule, it is not necessary to submit a “Child Allowance Status Report” if the child’s foster care status has not changed.

However, the following child allowance recipients (1-4) are required to submit a “Child Allowance Status Report”. As in previous years, we will send you a notification of “Child Allowance Status Report”, so please submit it after June 1.

1. Those who have applied stating that they are in divorce proceedings and separated from their spouse (this includes those who City of Yokohama has no information on as to whether they are in divorce proceedings, have been divorced, or have withdrawn from divorce proceedings)

2. Those whose registry of residence differs from their actual place of residence due to spousal violence, etc.

3. Those whose children are eligible for child allowance but the children are not registered as residents.

4. The recipient is a legal guardian of a minor, institution, or foster parent.

5. Others whose situation need to be checked.

For more information on not having to submit a “Child Allowance Status Report”, please click here.


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