Distribution of Yokohama City Nursery School Usage Guidebook for 2023

The City of Yokohama is going to distribute the “Yokohama City Nursery School Usage Guidebook” from Wednesday, October 12, 2022. This is a set of documents for applying to nursery school(s) for your child(ren) from April 2023.

You can download multilingual versions of the “Yokohama City Nursery School Usage Guidebook” .
(Available from Wednesday, October 12, 2022) (Japanese)

Simplified Chinese
Traditional Chinese

“Yokohama City Nursery School Usage Guidebook” (Japanese version) is available at your local ward office, Administrative Service Corners, and child rearing support centers.

  • Foreign language versions may not be available.

<Submission by postal mail>
By Wednesday, November 2, 2022
<Submission in person at Ward Office>
By Wednesday, November 16, 2022

  • The method of acceptance of applications differs depending on the ward. Please check with your local ward office before going there.

・The priority order for entering nursery schools is determined by the guardians’ working hours and the situation of each family.
・Even if you apply, your child may not be able to enter any of the nursery schools of your choice. Please write down the names of all the desired nursery schools in your order of preference on the application form. The documents will be reviewed by the ward office staff to determine if your child can enter one of the nursery schools you listed.
・If you do not know which documents are required for applying to a nursery school and/or how to fill out the application form, please consult a friend who understands Japanese, your near-by international lounge, or YOKOHAMA Foreign Residents Information Center to see if they can help you.
List of International Lounges
(English, Chinese, and Simple Japanese)
YOKOHAMA Foreign Residents Information Center

<For your reference>
When applying for nursery school(s), you may be asked to submit a “Citizen’s Tax and Prefectural Tax Certificate”, “Citizen’s Tax and Prefectural Tax Exemption Certificate”, or “Certificate of Tax Payment”.
Please see the following for more information on these documents.
Simple Japanese