Example of Inquiry: “I want to have a PCR test”


I want to consult a doctor in Portuguese. I’m not feeling well, and I have a fever and a sore throat. I want to have a PCR test at a hospital. Where could I get the test?


If you have a primary doctor, we can interpret for you over a three-way call. Why don’t you consult your primary doctor first? The PCR test is performed at the discretion of your doctor.

If you don’t have a primary doctor, please call the Yokohama City COVID-19 Call Center (045-550-5530). If you have difficulties communicating in Japanese, please call the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare’s telephone interpretation service (03-6436-4818) first. In case of an emergency, call for an ambulance (119). Ambulance service can be requested in Spanish, English, and Chinese.

 (In this case, we, the YOKOHAMA Foreign Residents Information Center, called this person’s primary doctor at 〇〇 Internal Medicine Clinic and provided interpreting. Although the clinic did not offer PCR testing, they were able to refer the person to a nearby clinic that did. After that, we helped this person make an appointment for a consultation and a PCR test on the afternoon of the same day after a brief interview on the phone with the clinic he was referred to.)

*This information is current as of November 2021.

We at the YOKOHAMA Foreign Residents Information Center answer questions from foreign residents in 11 languages. Please feel free to contact us.

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