When harsh cold weather (-4℃ or below) is expected, be aware that water pipes could freeze

When harsh cold weather (-4℃ or below) is forecasted, water in water pipes set outdoors may freeze, causing pipes to burst and leak.
Be prepared for sudden drops in temperature and take measures to prevent freezing in advance.

Freeze-prevention measures you can do yourself:
① Wrap outside water pipes with a thick cloth or heat insulation tube.
② Secure that on the water pipes with vinyl tape, etc.

What should I do if the water in a water pipe freezes?
Wait for the water to thaw naturally, or cover the frozen area with a towel and slowly pour warm water over it.
Pouring hot water suddenly may cause the water pipe or faucet to burst.

What should I do if a water pipe bursts?
Close the valve on the water meter box, and ask a designated water supply equipment contractor to repair the pipe.

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