Preparing for Water Disasters

Japan often experiences heavy rainfall as rainy season fronts and autumn rain fronts become stagnant during the change of seasons. Also, between July and October, there are many typhoons that approach or land in Japan. The country has many mountains and rivers with steep slopes, and river floods and landslides caused by fronts and typhoons occur every year, threatening human lives and disrupting daily life.
To protect yourself from heavy rain and typhoons, it is important to gather information.
Typhoons and heavy rains can be predicted to some extent as to when, where, and with what intensity they will occur, and the Japan Meteorological Agency publishes “Disaster Prevention Weather Information” and other relevant information. Be sure to collect the latest disaster prevention weather information on TV, radio, and the Japan Meteorological Agency website, and take action to ensure your safety as soon as possible by utilizing the “warnings” and “advisories” that are issued in phases over time.
Information on preparing for wind and flood damage in simple Japanese.
YOKE Disaster Information Site

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(Information on Disaster Mitigation)