How to call “119 (emergency call)” correctly

119 is the telephone number to call for the nearest fire department in case of emergency. When you discover a fire, disaster, etc., call this number if help is needed.

<What you will be asked when you call 119>
1. Is it a fire? Is it an emergency?
2. Where should the fire truck(s)/ambulance go to? (Important)
3. Where is the fire and what is burning? / Who is in danger? What’s going on?
4. What’s your name?

・When dialing 119, the most important information is “the place of request (where to go for help)”.
・If the place of request is an apartment building, please say the exact apartment name and room number.
・If you do not know the address, please say the name of a nearby train station, bus stop, convenience store, or other landmark.
・When reporting, be calm and speak slowly.

<You can speak in a language other than Japanese>
Even if you do not speak Japanese, we will connect your call to an interpreter service, and the interpreter will listen to the content of the call through a three-way call and help communication between the caller (you) and the fire department (119).
Available languages are English, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish.
There is no charge for calling 119 and asking for a fire truck or an ambulance.

※119 is a dedicated emergency number for fire and emergency services.
  DO NOT CALL in non-emergencies or inquiries.