Consult us if you are having trouble raising your child(ren)

November is Child Abuse Prevention Month. Each individual’s efforts to create a “child-rearing-friendly community” will lead to the prevention of child abuse. Talking to neighbors, parents and children you meet, and offering just a little help can be a great source of emotional support for parents raising children!
When you see parents and children who you think may have concerns, talk to them if possible. By listening to their concerns about childrearing and telling them where they can go for advice, they may feel a little better.
If you are having trouble raising your child(ren), please do not keep it to yourself, but consult with the “Child and Family Support Section” of the ward in which you live. If you need an interpreter, please contact the “YOKOHAMA Foreign Residents Information Center” at 045-222-1209.

Child and Family Support Section of each ward
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