Entering Yokohama Municipal Junior High School

Yokohama City will send an “Entrance Guide” to those whose children are of age to enter junior high school in April 2022. The “Entrance Guide” will be sent out around January 20.

An “Explanation session for entering school” will be held in February. Information on the “Explanation session for entering school” will be given by the elementary school your child is attending now.

Contact the Registration Section Division at your local ward office if:

– You have a child who is scheduled to enter junior high school but you haven’t received an “Entrance Guide” even after January 20.

– You moved after January 6, 2022.

For details, please see the sites below. The contact number of each ward office’s Registration Section Division is listed as well.

Guide of Admission to Municipal Elementary/ Junior High School/ Yokohama City (For languages other than Japanese, automatic translation is used.)



Chinese (Simplified)

Chinese (Traditional)






〇Please look at the site below for more information about life at Yokohama Municipal Junior High Schools.

“Welcome to the Yokohama School”

3. For parents and guardians ~School life in Yokohama~

Available languages: English, Chinese, Tagalog, Korean, Vietnamese, Portuguese, and Spanish