Health Checkups for Infants

Yokohama City offers health checkups for children aged 4 months, 18 months, and 3 years. The Health and Welfare Center of your ward will send a letter to the families with eligible children. The letter will tell you the date and place of the health checkup.
Infant health checkups at the Health and Welfare Center are free of charge.

<What can you do at Health Checkups>
・You can check your child’s growth and development.
・You can consult about child-rearing.

Please be sure to have infant health checkups, as they are important opportunities for you and your child. At the health checkups, the health checkup staff will ask you about your child’s daily condition. So the person who accompanies the child for a health checkup should be someone who sees the child regularly and knows the child well.

  • If you need an interpreter, please consult with your local ward office or the YOKOHAMA Foreign Residents Information Center in advance.
  • Please ask the Child-Care Support Section, Child and Families Support Division of your ward for the schedule of infant health checkups (4-month, 18-month, and 3-year checkups).

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In addition, your child can also receive a total of 3 health checkups until the age of 12 months (under 13 months) at designated medical institutions in the city by using the set of tickets in your Mother and Child Handbook. There is no charge for these health checkups and child-rearing support consultations.
*You will be charged for any medical treatment your child may need.