This is the season when fires are more likely to occur. Be especially careful of “arson”, “stoves”, and “cigarettes”!

Arson, stoves, and cigarettes are the three worst leading causes of fires in the city each year. “Arson” in particular was the leading cause of fires, ahead of “stoves” and “cigarettes”. Please make sure to create an environment that is resistant to arson, especially around your home.
Also, since the mornings and evenings will be colder in the coming months, and there will be more opportunities to use heaters, be careful when handling fire. When using heaters, check for normal ignition in the beginning and stable combustion during use.
Arson: Do not leave flammable items around the house.
・Do not allow easy access to the property or building.
・Eliminate blind spots at night with sensor lighting, etc.
・Take out the garbage at the designated place on the designated day.
Stoves: Never leave where you are while cooking.
・If you receive a sudden visitor or phone call, turn off the fire first before answering.
・The smaller the amount of cooking oil, the easier it is to ignite in a short time.
・In case of fire, never extinguish it with water.
・Fire extinguishers should be placed in readily accessible locations.
Cigarettes: Do not throw cigarette butts collected in ashtrays directly into the trash bin but pour water over them first.
・Do not smoke in bed. Sparks that fall on the bedding are hard to notice.
・Do not use empty cans, etc., as a substitute for ashtrays.
・Littering can cause fires.