Beehive: Find and Remove in the Early Stage

Beehives quickly grow to a large size. The bigger a beehive gets, the greater the effort, danger and cost required to remove it… Check around your home from April to June when bees begin to build their nests!

Locations beehives tend to occur:

  • Attic, inside walls(hornets only)
  • Tree hollows*(hornets only)
     * A tree hollow is a cave-like space created in a tree when the bark peels off and the inside of the tree rots.
  • Under the eaves/inside the storage box of storm shutters(hornets only)
  • In hedges and plantings
    Check around your home from time to time for beehives.
    If you find a beehive, 1. Don’t go nearby 2. Don’t shake it, 3. Don’t make noise nearby, but try to remove it as early as possible.
    Contact your local ward office in the following situations:
  • Want to know how to get rid of long-legged paper wasp’s hive
  • Want to rent protective clothing
  • Want information on nearby bee exterminators 
    *Please note that your local ward office will NOT remove beehives.
    Inquiries: Your local ward office, Environmental Sanitation Section
    List of the contact numbers:

For more information regarding bees, please see the sites below.
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