Watch Out for Heat Stroke

In hot and humid Japan, the number of people who get “heat stroke” symptoms increases when the temperature rises.

The following symptoms appear when you have a heat stroke.

Mild symptoms: dizziness, muscle aches, heavy sweating

Moderate symptoms: headache, discomfort, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, sudden weakness

Severe symptoms: impaired consciousness, convulsions, weakness in the limbs, hyperthermia

Please be aware that heat stroke can cause death if it becomes severe.

Keep the following in mind to prevent heat strokes.

・Drink water frequently

・Wear lightweight and loose-fitting clothing

・Don’t go out to hot places (walk in the shade, use air conditioning)

・Try to keep fit on a daily basis

Wearing a mask in high temperatures and humidity may increase the risk of heat stroke. If you can keep a sufficient distance outdoors (at least 2 m) from other people, try to remove your mask.

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