Install residential fire alarms

The main cause of death in house fires is “failure to escape”.
All houses are required by law to have fire alarms that automatically detect smoke and heat generated by a fire and notify you with an alarm tone or voice warning.
If you have not yet installed fire alarms, please do so as soon as possible to save your life and the lives of your family members.

What types of residential fire alarms are available?

There are two types: smoke alarms and heat alarms.
・Smoke type (photoelectric) (Installed in bedrooms, stairways, kitchens, etc.)
When smoke is detected, an alarm tone or voice warning alerts you of a fire.
・Heat type (fix heat detector type)(Installed in kitchens, garages, etc.)
When the ambient temperature of the alarm reaches a certain temperature, an alarm tone or voice warning alerts you of a fire.

Where should I install?

Kitchen and bedroom. If the bedroom is on the second floor or higher, a fire alarm is also required for the staircase.

Where can I purchase?

Residential fire alarms are sold at electronics retailers and home centers.
Certain standards for structure and function are established by law, and fire alarms that conform to these standards are marked with the following mark.
When purchasing fire alarms, please purchase ones that bear this mark.

Can I consult about the installation of residential fire alarms?

Firefighters will visit and help elderly or disabled households who have purchased fire alarms but are having difficulty installing them.
For consultation, please contact the Fire Prevention Section in the General Affairs/Fire Prevention Division of your ward’s Fire Station.

List of Fire Stations in Yokohama City

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