Stockpile daily necessities in preparation for earthquakes, windstorms, and floods

You may not be able to buy necessary items at stores when disaster strikes due to an earthquake, heavy rains, or a typhoon. Therefore, please keep a stockpile of at least three days’ worth of supplies.

When a disaster strikes, it will generally take four days or more for supplies to reach the local disaster management center (it may take even longer, depending on damage and other factors).

So you need to be well prepared at all times.

<What to stockpile>

Water: The standard is 3 liters per person per day, with enough for at least 3 days.

Food: Stock more of the foods you are used to eating. As you eat them, buy more to replenish your stock (thereby keeping a rolling stock).

* A rolling stock is a stock of supplies that you renew progressively as you use them (buy supplies→stock them→as you consume them, keep buying again to keep the stockpile full at all times)

Portable toilet kit and toilet paper: The standard amount is for 5 times per person per day, with enough for at least 3 days.

Hygiene supplies: Masks, alcohol sanitizers, wet wipes, oral care wipes, towels, sanitary products, etc.

Lighting items: Flashlights, lanterns, batteries, etc.

Other personal items: Regular medications, eyeglasses, dentures, etc.