Cat owners, check the rules for cat ownership

For cats, the outdoors is an environment with many dangers such as traffic accidents, stray cats, infectious diseases, and fights among cats. Also, feces, urine, odor, cat hair, and meowing can cause neighborhood problems. Check the rules and regulations for cat ownership.
Keep them indoors: Let’s keep cats in a comfortable indoor environment.
・Provide scratching posts and toys.
・Provide space for cats to climb up and down (they prefer vertical movement).
・Keep the toilet clean.
・Provide hiding space for relaxing (A cage or carrying case can also be useful at times of disaster.)

  • If your cat has had a bad experience with cages at a veterinary clinic (e.g., for injections), it may be afraid to enter the cage, so be sure to familiarize the cat with the cage.

Follow the rules:
・Have your cat microchipped if possible.
It is even better if the cat wears also a collar so that it can be easily identified as a domesticated cat.
Have your cat spayed or neutered because to minimize the risk of pregnancy by strays or during disasters!
・Keep your cat with love and care throughout its life.
Find someone to take care of your cat in case of emergency, such as a disaster or illness of the owner (ward offices cannot take care of pets).
・It is clearly legally stated that the administration (ward office) can give guidance and advice to owners when it is recognized that the living environment in the neighborhood is being damaged by noise, odors, etc., caused by inappropriate keeping of animals.

  • Abandonment or mistreatment of animals is a crime and penalties have been tightened (imprisonment of up to 5 years or a fine of up to 5 million yen for killing or injuring an animal).

Inquiries: Health Sanitation Division of your local Ward Office
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