Get tested for HIV -December 1 is World AIDS Day-

During the first few years after HIV infection, there are few subjective symptoms, and it is impossible to tell whether or not a person is infected without being tested.

Even if infected, early detection and appropriate treatment can prevent the onset of AIDS.

Yokohama City offers free and anonymous HIV testing.

If you wish to be tested, please call the Call Center and make an appointment by the cutoff days/times listed below.

For Tuesday night test: call by 16:00 on Monday, the day before

For Saturday HIV test (same-day-result): call by 16:00 on Friday, the day before*

For Sunday HIV test (same-day-result): call by 16:00 on the Friday before the test*

*If Friday is a national holiday, then the cutoff day/time is the day before (Thursday) by 16:00.

Call Center: Tel 045-664-2525

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