YOKOHAMA Foreign Residents Information CenterExample of Inquiry: Finding Japanese language classes


My relative came to Japan from the Philippines. He speaks English and Tagalog, but no Japanese.
He wants to study Japanese hard because he will be living in Japan from now on.
I would like to know where he can study at a public place that is inexpensive and easy to get to from home.

Sample answer

If he wants to go to school and study every day, there are a number of Japanese language schools in Yokohama, but they charge a tuition fee.
He wishes to study at the lowest possible cost, right?
Many Japanese language classes are held in the City of Yokohama at international lounges and public facilities.
Information on classes can be found here:
Database of Japanese Language and Study Support Classes in Yokohama 
(Japanese and English)

YOKE also offers Japanese language classes and provides information on Japanese language classes in the city. Please visit our website(Japanese and English) or contact us for more information.

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