When you need an interpreter for administrative procedures at City Hall/Ward Offices

(Yokohama City Volunteer Interpreter Dispatch Service)

The Yokohama City Volunteer Interpreter Dispatch Service provides volunteer interpreters to help foreign residents complete procedures at Yokohama City Hall and ward offices.

*Interpretation services are now also available via tablet and telephone to prevent COVID-19 infection.

Eligible Activities: Administrative procedures and consultations at Yokohama City Hall, ward offices, authorized childcare facilities etc.

Individual meetings/consultations and home visits at Yokohama municipal schools.

Days interpreters can be dispatched: (General rule) Weekdays 8:45-17:15 (maximum of 2 hours)

Fee: Free

If you would like to use this dispatching system, please consult the international lounge in your area or YOKOHAMA Foreign Residents Information Center.

For the contact numbers, go the following sites.

*Please consult one of the international lounges or YOKOHAMA Foreign Residents Information Center at least 1 week prior to the date you need an interpreter.

Available Languages for Interpretation: English, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, French, Tagalog, Indonesian, Russian, etc.

Simple Japanese


Simplified Chinese