Beware of Heat Shock!

Heat shock refers to the adverse effects on the body caused by sudden changes in temperature, such as moving from a warm room to a cold room. From December to February, many such accidents occur in bathrooms. Heat shock is one of the most common causes of bathroom accidents.

It can cause death in some cases, so please be careful!

Causes and countermeasures for heat shock

<Changing room>


Taking off your clothes in a cold changing room causes your blood vessels to constrict, which raises your blood pressure.


Drink water before bathing

Warm up the changing room before bathing



Entering a cold bathroom raises the blood pressure.


Warm up the bathroom when filling up the bathtub



Soaking in hot water causes blood vessels to dilate and blood pressure to drop rapidly.


Set the water temperature at 41 degrees Celsius or lower.

Soak in hot water for no more than 10 minutes

* Inform family members when you take a bath