To those who are attending municipal elementary/Jr. high school in Yokohama

About “Financial Support for School Fees”

If you are experiencing financial difficulty with sending your child to municipal elementary and/or Jr. high school in Yokohama, Yokohama City will help you cover costs such as school supplies, school trips, and school lunches.

“Financial Support for School Fees” is only applicable to those who meet the conditions.
The documents for “Shugaku Enjo Seido, Financial Support for School Fees” are distributed at the school your child is attending in April every year.
If you wish to apply, please fill out the documents and submit them to the school your child is attending.
NOTE: Please check the application deadline.

Information on “Financial Support for School Fees” is available in the following languages.
Simple Japanese, English, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish

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