Yokohama City has formulated the 3rd Yokohama City Sports Promotion Plan

Yokohama City is promoting efforts to enable everyone to make sports a part of their lives, regardless of age, gender, disability, or nationality, from the perspective of “playing sports,” “watching sports,” and “supporting sports.”

Goal 1: Promoting health through sports
Goal 2: Achieving a multicultural society through sports
Goal 3: Fostering vitality through sports

Why not exercise and enjoy some relaxation?

  1. “Playing Sports”
    On the “Yokohama Sports Information Site”, you can check the latest information on sports.
    To view the site below in a different language, access it, click [言語を選択], and choose from Arabic, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, English, Korean, or Simplified Chinese. You will be able to learn about Sports Centers around the City.
    Various classes such as yoga and table tennis are offered, along with sports events such as dance competitions and boating experiences. Sports videos are also available. If you are interested, please check the following site.
  2. “Watching sports”
    “Yokohama Sports Partners” allows you to check out information about 13 professional sports teams in Yokohama.
    This includes the Yokohama DeNA Bay Stars (baseball), Yokohama F・Marinos (soccer), and Yokohama GRITS (ice hockey), among others.
    Multiple languages can be chosen from: English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Hangul, Spanish, Portuguese, Vietnamese, and Thai.
    However, if you click a team you like, you will be directed to their official website, which is exclusively in Japanese. There, you can find a lot of information such as game schedules and ticket purchasing options. If you encounter any challenges navigating the Japanese sites, reach out to the International Lounges or YOKOHAMA Foreign Residents Information Center. (Please note: we cannot assist with ticket purchases.)
    Simplified Chinese
    Traditional Chinese
  3. “Supporting Sports”
    “Yokohama City Volunteer Center for Sport” provides information on volunteering for sporting events taking place within the city. The center recruits and registers sports volunteers. This website is only available in Japanese, so if you need any help, please call one of the International Lounges or YOKOHAMA Foreign Residents Information Center.