To all dog owners

Be sure to get your dog a rabies shot: Dog owners are required to have their dogs get an annual rabies shot.

Rabies is transmitted to humans through the bite of a dog, cat, fox, bat, or other animal infected with the rabies virus. If infected with the virus, after an incubation period of two weeks or more, neurological symptoms such as convulsions, weakness or discomfort, paralysis, and coma appear, and once the disease develops, almost 100% of people die.
There is no cure, so if you are bitten by a rabid animal, you must be vaccinated during the incubation period to prevent the onset of the disease!
(1) Registered dogs must be given a rabies shot once a year and receive a rabies shot certificate.
(2) The fee for the rabies shot certificate is 550 yen. Please be sure to attach the rabies shot certificate to the dog such as its collar.
(3) A “Notice of Rabies Shot” (sealed envelope) is sent to registered dog owners around the middle of March every year.
When you bring in your dog for a rabies shot, please bring the three-strip “Application for Issuance of Rabies Shot Certificate” that comes in a sealed envelope (without detaching any of the strips).
Yokohama City sets up collective shot sites in April every year. (The sites may be cancelled due to reasons such as COVID-19 infection.)

For new registration: 6,650 yen (3,100 yen for shot, 3,000 yen for registration fee, and 550 yen for issuance of shot certificate)
For renewal: 3,650 yen (3,100 yen for shot and 550 yen for issuance of shot certificate)

Rabies shots are also available at nearby veterinary hospitals.
Prices vary between veterinary hospitals that are commissioned by Yokohama City and those that are not.
Please check with the veterinary hospital for prices.

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